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A Polish company is looking for a partner interested in commercializing a technology for producing plasticizers/ softening compound with the use of plastic waste

Country of Origin: Poland
Reference Number: TOPL20200511001
Publication Date: 15 May 2020


A Polish R&D-driven company is looking for a partner interested in commercializing a technology for producing plasticizers/ softening compounds (used primarily as an additive to soft PVC, eco-leather, outer sheaths of electric cables) . The technology recirculates 100% of plastic waste. By-products of the process can be further used in automotive industry and laboratories. Potential partnerships include commercial agreement with technical assistance, joint venture, licensing.


A Polish R&D-oriented company is searching for partners interested in pursuing the commercialization of a plasticizing technology. Plasticizers are chemical compounds applied as additives which modify physical properties of the end product. They are typically used in plastics industry, e.g. in the production of soft PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), eco-leather, inflatable toys, outer sheaths of electric cables.

At present, plastics can be found in every sector of economy. Attempts are made at reducing the amount of plastics produced. However, certain applications require the use of plastic materials. One way of dealing with the over-production of plastics is their recirculation into various production chains.

The Polish company developed an innovative technology for producing plasticizers- additives which are used in the production of certain plastics (primarily PVC) to soften these. Typically the DEHT/DOTP (Di(2-ethylhexyl) terephthalate /Dioctyl terephthalate) plasticizers/ softening compounds are manufactured from materials originating exclusively from petroleum industry. The proposed technology recirculates PET waste (Polyethylene terephthalate) such as plastic bottles, plastic production waste, non-woven fabrics, to produce the DEHT/DOTP plasticizers.

The proposed technology recirculates 100% of PET waste. In addition, apart from the plasticizer as the main product, by-products of the synthesis can be further used in automotive industry and in laboratories. This make the technology waste-free.

The technology and method were verified and optimized in a prototype ¼-scale technical installation. The technology is ready for commercialization.

The company is interested in finding a partner to commercialize the technology. Ideally, the partner has background knowledge of plastic industry/ plasticizers. The collaboration may run along various lines. The company considers commercial agreement with technical assistance, whereby they provide technical support and expertise concerning the process. Alternatively, the company can offer (exclusive, non-exclusive) license or establishment of a joint-venture to develop a full-scale installation.





Advantages and Innovations

Despite the plasticizer being based upon recycled waste its properties match those of the plasticizers available on the market.

The proposed technology is environment friendly as it recycles 100% PET waste and recirculates it into the production chain.

By-products of the synthesis can be further used in automotive industry and laboratories.

Technology is not merely laboratory tested, but verified on a prototype installation.

The proposed product matches the quality of high-end plasticizers while its production costs are at least 15% lower comparing to traditional, common industrial technology.

Specific parameters in relation to typical requirements for plasticizers can be found in a table in the photo section.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Requested partner

The potential partner would be an SME or an MNE, ideally with background in plastics industry/ plasticizers. The role of the partner would be to co-develop the full-scale installation and introduce the product on the market.
Various types of collaboration can be considered. The Polish company is interested in, among others, in a commercial agreement with technical assistance, joint venture or licensing.

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