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Hemming head cleaning device suitable for use in automotive industry and robotic applications

Country of Origin: Slovakia
Reference Number: TOSK20160816001
Publication Date: 16 August 2016


A Slovak company has developed a process and device for cleaning of dirty hemming rollers in automobile industry and robotic applications. The hemming rollers attached to a robotic manipulator get dirty from the glue that is pushed out of the connection of the metal sheets during the hemming heads.
This company is looking for partners to cooperate via license agreement, manufacturing agreement or via services agreement.


The Slovak company is engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of high quality electronic devices and software applications based on the latest technology and electronic components. Their focus is on the area of data logging, processing of the collected data, design of embedded systems and automatic control systems. Lastly, they have developed a process and also the device for cleaning of dirty hemming rollers in automobile industry and robotic applications. 

Roller hemming is a widely used process in which two sheet edges are bent over to make the edge stiff.
Typically a glue is inserted in the edge and during the bending it is sometimes pushed out of the edge and is collected around the connection and on the roller hemming head.
The accumulated glue and other dirt can be loosen on a wrong place and cause dirty parts and dirty production lines.
Therefore the dirt has to be removed from the rollers periodically.
Manual cleaning of the hemming heads typically leads to breaks in production after several production cycles.
The developed device provides an automated solution to this problem. The device serves as a robotic accessory and lets the robot to clean the hemming head simply by attaching the head to the cleaning devices and starting the cleaning process. No interruption of the production is needed. Currently, this technology is successfully used in well-known car producer company.

This company is looking for cooperation via license agreement (a license for a cleaning process or a license of production materials), manufacturing agreement (the delivery of whole cleaning device) or via services agreement (cleaning services in manufacturing are offered). These types of cooperation were selected, because they fits todays need of this company in the very best way.

Advantages and Innovations

To the advantages of this technology belong e.g.: 
- Fully automated systems
- It helps to eliminate production interruptions, reduced production time.
- Manufactured parts are no longer polluted by the glue.
- Simple robotic accessory with simple connection
- Beterment of ergonomy
- Enhancement of efficiency of production device.
- Usually no interrupt is required to remove the accumulated dirt and glue. It can be done during other breaks once in several hours.
- It can be integrated in existing robotic cells.
- Significant cost savings
- Reduction of usage of cleaning compounds and reduction of waste.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

This Slovak company is looking for these types of cooperation partners: 
- Operators of robotic lines where roller hemming is used and the dirt accumulation on the rollers is an issue that needs to be solved.
- Automation integrators building robotic cells in automotive and similar industries to implement this solution.

The Slovak company prefers a cooperation via:
- License agreement (they offer a licensing of cleaning process or the licensing of production materials - for partners, who would prefer the manufacturing of this device on their own).
- Manufacturing agreement - the Slovak company is ready to produce this device for potential buyer.
- Services agreement - Slovak company is offering specific cleaning services in industrial production.

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