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Treatment of Teat Stenosis with Veterinary Argon Plasma Coagulation Device in Cows

Country of Origin: Turkey
Reference Number: TOTR20190105001
Publication Date: 6 February 2019


The Company established in 2017 in Turkey to do  research and development for veterinary devices: Teat stenosis is a serious problem in stockbreeding causing an important amount of economic loss. The Veterinary Argon Plasma Coagulation Device(VAPCD) has been developed and used on live animals for the treatment of teat stenosis. The device is at TRL6 level which means that field tests are under go. Current success rate in  live animals is over 80% .


Congestions affecting the exit of milk from the teat in cows are caused by congenital or acquired disorders. Such disorders in the teat are usually being treated by surgical intervention. However, in both closed and open operations, the main problem is the formation of hemorrhages during and after the operation and accordingly, the formation of fierce adhesions during healing. Again, during the operations, most of the tissues that were cut are tumoral structures and the related processes are frequently encountered because of the increased aggravation of the stenosis due to the fact that these structures cause faster growth. As an alternative to operative methods, there are also studies on the use of various enzymes in teat stenosis. However, it is reported that success is generally limited in such applications. 
With the project named "Veterinary Argon Plasma Coagulation Device (2170002)" which was supported by TÜBİTAK-TEYDEP within the scope of 1512 programs, Veterinary Argon Plasma Coagulation Device has been developed and has been used on live animals for the treatment of teat stenosis. Yearly 3% - 10% of cows suffers from teat problem. Animals in which the disease was formed are usually removed from the breeding. This situation causes great damage to the livestock economy. (Since the success rate of existing conventional methods is less than 1%, cows affected by this disease are removed from the farm and sent to the slaughterhouse. In this respect, the damage caused is very large by cutting the cows alone. In addition, if these animals were kept in breeding, milk production could continue for years, and calves could be born every year and milk and new calves could be obtained from these calves. The damage is bigger and more serious within this respect)
Argon plasma coagulation technique has achieved a success rate of up to 80% in the treatment of teat stenosis in cows.
Veterinary Argon Plasma Coagulation Device has been designed by making some modifications in argon plasma coagulation device, which is used for different purpose in human medicine. Making serious changes on especially its probes has also made this device, which has been successfully used in human medicine, available in animal health. The other specifications of the Device is a portable mobile tool. In this regard, a new approach to animal health has been introduced by treating the teat stenosis with a portable device which can be taken to animals in barns or farms. In this way, a new device and treatment option has been developed in the field of veterinary medicine in both local and global markets.



Advantages and Innovations

Veterinary Argon Plasma Coagulation Device was developed based on argon plasma coagulation technique. The company presents  Veterinary Argon Plasma Coagulation Device to be produced in European conditions by making some modifications instead of the existing argon plasma coagulation device used in humans, which is expensive. Veterinary Argon Plasma Coagulation Device forms coagulation in the tissue by providing contactless arc formation on living tissue.By the applied electric current, argon gas is converted into plasma and coagulation is formed in the tissue. In this way, stopping bleeding in the tissues, the destruction of the tissues is ensured.Device has a probe diameter of 2 millimeters due to the fact that the cow's teat is an outer-body part that can be touched by the hand, as it does not require equipment such as camera cutting, cautery, liquid and air supply apparatus.Since current devices used in the prior technique are for human use and the probe part, which is in contact, contains endoscopic features (because of the camera, cutting, cautery, liquid and air handling equipment), its diameter is more than 2 cm.In addition, there is a protective sheath made of stainless steel in order to allow the probe to pass through the teat canal on the 2 mm probe of the Veterinary Argon Plasma Coagulation Device.In this way, an advantageous device has been developed for the treatment of teat stenosis in cows without doubt of its alternative treatment efficacy to conventional treatment methods.There is no information about the use of argon plasma coagulation technique in the veterinary field. At this point, a research has been made in search engines such as Google Academic, Web of Science, PubMed, Scopus. Also, a similar device could not be found in different patent search modules. When the same questioning is done on the basis of veterinarians in the market, it is determined that veterinarians tried to solve the problems related to teat stenosis by using conventional met

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Stage Of Development Comment

Field test results of the use of Veterinary Argon Plasma Coagulation Device on live animals is successful. Treatment of teat stenosis on cows will save an important economic value by preventing remove of productive milk cows when stenosis occurs.The device is aimed  to be widely used in European countries. However it still needs to some modifications before final product in order to commercialize. Also new projects should be designed in order to eliminate problems arisen during live animal trials such as vulnerability to heating, shock and antiseptics. 
This technique is superior to alternative solutions and under patent registration process. While doing patent search, It is found out that there are many private industry companies working on the subject. This proves that there is a sever problem about teat stenosis and successful results will turn to a profitable business. So far, the Company successfully has designed and developed this device, made working prototypes and slaughterhouse materials. It is under practical use on live animals since 3 months with 80% success rate whereas success of traditional recovery methods is under 1%

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