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Turkish company offers virtual, augmented and mixed reality services through commercial agreement with technical assistance

Country of Origin: Turkey
Reference Number: TOTR20190718001
Publication Date: 2 October 2019


A Turkish developer of software solutions in virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications mainly for education, healthcare and marketing, is offering its capabilities through commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Officially incorporated in 2014 at Canakkale, Western Turkey, the SME is specialised in the development of virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed reality (MR), product prototyping software, 3D modelling, 360º video/image and interactive experiences, and 3D photo realistic visualisations. The applications can be deployed in a wide range of fields including (not limited to) education, healthcare and marketing. 

The company has also nationally recognised experience and expertise in 5G technology. They tested 5G technology in partnership with Turkey's telecommunications giant and one of the world's leading global information and communications technology solution providers. Generating a lot of interest and the positive media attention, the company's application has been awarded ‘the best 5G use case’ in Turkey.

All products are designed and manufactured with innovative, creative and original content, in order to ensure the success of the services delivered, considering every details of the client’s bespoke requirements. The company’s products can be customised and integrated with other products and applications for multi-use purposes, giving autonomy to users to progress their skill set. Working with the latest technology, the products aim to optimise work, education and training efficiency, to improve the visualisation and to reduce high production costs including labour force through automation; thus enhanced customer satisfaction.

Since this company has been in the market, they have developed different projects with Turkish partners in various sectors and already works with universities, institutions and SMEs from EU Countries for EU projects that are backed up by positive feedback; references are available.

The company desires to penetrate to overseas markets where there is demand for its range of products, thereby expanding its services. So, the Turkish SME seeks partnership with companies, vocational and design schools, universities and public bodies in the mentioned fields.

The partners, who are interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance, can develop the positioning and reselling of the software solutions by proposing the contents locally or globally. Those partners can act as re-sellers, solution implementers, and thus earn a commission.

If commercial agreement involves services agreement, this cooperation enables partners to devise, design and develop their own products based on the original contents and applications of the Turkish SME. It also allows partners to provide their own clients the custom-tailored technology, as well as implementation, integration and consultancy services on end-to-end. The Turkish company to purchase or distribute the digital products of the partner is another option.

When commercial agreement includes outsourcing, then it is offered to the partners who do not have the required expertise in-house to accomplish the tasks facing them and who need an external supplier who can carry out the work at a lower cost than internal departments. The company acts in accordance with the client’s specifications.












Advantages and Innovations

- VR-induced motion sickness - a major bane and hurdle – is overcome by teleportation system, which is a substitute for having to move either a controller’s joystick or user’s physical body.

- Marker, markerless and geo-location based AR,

- Cloud-fit object storage,

- Sensitive interaction with virtual objects enables to hold even tiny objects during skin suturing,

- Simulators replicate hazardous conditions and system failures without putting any person-in-training at risk,

- VR controller via tablet; e.g. the VR language learning tutoring platform contains various parts of real-life scenarios with different difficulty levels of the target language. Its technology truly allows immersive learning that involves a combination of structured instruction and simulated opportunities. Teachers can help students improve language skills they need to thrive by switching to different scenarios via the tablet. Teachers can role play as different characters and instruct students to practice in the scenario. Tablet controlled VR technology can be adapted to other fields such as marketing, training, education, healthcare and more.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company desires to build partnership with companies, vocational and design schools, universities and public bodies in the mentioned areas, who need AR, VR, MR, 3D modelling, animations, rendering and visualization services.

The Turkish SME can provide the necessary technical resources and professionally qualified specialists from beginning to on-time completion and can support those entities to achieve their innovation and technical goals, who want to externalize services and wish either to implement software directly into their own businesses or indirectly as means of enriching their products.

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