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Ukrainian company is looking for investors for implementation into work a terminal for receiving citizen`s requests.

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TOUA20190225001
Publication Date: 28 February 2019


A Ukrainian company has developed a terminal for receiving and processing documents on paper. The company is currently looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance and financial agreements in European countries.


The Ukrainian company established in 2018. The company is young but already created a working model of terminal. Now the device is successfully tested in the city councils of the country.

In the present, the bureaucratic system of handling the appeals of citizens has a number of problems. For the most part, all of them can be combined into one problem - the human factor and the complexity of processing. The registrar receives an application from the applicant, opens the EDS, creates an appeal card, introduces the main data of the application, presses the save button. The system proposes to apply a barcode and scan the document. The registrar makes a barcode and scans the application with a barcode. The registrar prints the scanned image and gives the applicant, and his original application hides himself in the box. As a result, the application time is at least 15 minutes, which leads to queues.

The inventor, together with the company, suggests using the process in which a person writes an application at home in advance or completes a form in the Citizens' Appeal Department, and then carries out all the processing described above in the terminal. As a result, the time for filing the application takes no more than 3 minutes, regardless of the time of filling in the form.

The company expects that the automation of such a bureaucratic process will simplify and accelerate the interaction of citizens with the local government. And given that in the current process there is a probability of loss of appeals through a human factor, the use of the terminal will lead to the stability of the interaction of citizens with the government, as all applications will be entered into one unified database. Terminal service costs less than the services of the registrar as a whole.

The company looks at the partnership as a financial agreement and a commercial agreement with technical assistance. In result, the company proposes to using this terminal in countries with such bureaucratic problem.

Advantages and Innovations

- Processing an application - at times faster;
- Increasing the productivity of processing applications;
- The absence of a "human factor", the statement will not get lost;
- A possibility of round-the-clock work;
- Minimizing the bureaucratic process;
- Minimizing the possibility of corruption (delayed statement, etc.).

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

The partners sought can be both public and private financial investors or technical supporting services who want to automatizate bureaucratic processes in their city councils or companies.

Dissemination Countries

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Hungary, India, Montenegro, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of, Poland, Serbia, Russia, Slovenia

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