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Biosafety devices and technologies for protection against pathogenic viruses

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TOUA20200910001
Publication Date: 11 September 2020


A Ukrainian University, which has extensive experience in the development and implementation of biosafety devices and technologies to protect humans, animals, plants and food from pathogenic viruses, microorganisms and fungi, is looking for partners in biology and medicine for joint research and implementation of their research products. The desired types of cooperation are a research cooperation agreement and financial agreement.


The Ukrainian university was founded in 1885 as a practical technological institute. Now it is the largest educational and scientific center of eastern Ukraine, which has on a par with educational units (faculties) scientific laboratories and scientific groups within departments, faculties, as well as separately functioning educational and scientific complexes. Currently, leading scientists of the University are actively involved in the development and implementation of biosafety devices and technologies for the protection of humans, animals, plants and food from pathogenic viruses, microorganisms and fungi.

In the fight against infectious diseases, there are three areas: 1) elimination of pathogens in the environment, 2) protection against pathogens and their effects on a healthy person, 3) treatment of patients. The situation with the coronavirus shows that the first direction should be the main preventive measure, and at the same time, it is given the least attention. This technology is designed to neutralize pathogenic viruses and microorganisms and is based on the use of portable and stationary ozone generators, generators of silver ions, copper both separately and in combination, as well as in combination with known disinfectants and probiotics.

The set of devices of their development includes:
- Adjustable ozone generators for disinfection from air viruses with both centralized and autonomous power supply.
- Electrochemical generators of silver, copper and zinc ions for disinfection of water intended for various types of human consumption, as well as for the production of solutions that neutralize microorganisms, including fungi on various plants and other objects.
- systems of spraying probiotics in the air to protect people in crowded places.
Technologies allow:
- Determine the types of equipment and individual modes of operation depending on the parameters of objects and other conditions.
- Comprehensive application of disinfection methods.
- Neutralize viruses of various kinds with 100% results.

The University is looking for partners to conduct joint research including within the framework of European programs, as well as partners for the implementation of their developments under a financial agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

The main advantages of this work are as follows:
- The effect of ozone and metal ions on humans has been thoroughly clarified by world science, the relevant maximum concentration limits have been established, which allows to create safe for humans’ technologies of wide application;
- During the operation of this equipment (except for the probiotic nebulizer) there is no need to replenish consumables: ozone is generated from the air, and metal electrodes for ions are enough for a long time;
- In terms of material costs, the proposed devices and technologies give the least costly result of the known;
- These technologies can be quickly and easily disseminated, including in remote areas.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

At this stage, experimental and industrial samples of the mentioned equipment have been developed and manufactured, their wide tests have been carried out, for example, ozonizers are permanently installed in several trade and banking premises, in cars and minibuses and have shown high efficiency. Tested in warehouses where meat products are stored. Studies of the developed ozonators were conducted in the laboratories of a specialized institute dealing with immunology and microbiology and showed 100% effectiveness of virus neutralization. The development of aerodynamic models of ozonation of rooms of different volumes and configurations is underway. Experimental samples of generators of silver, copper and zinc ions have shown efficiency when tested in vineyards, greenhouses, and winter gardens.

Requested partner

The University is looking for partners in biology and medicine to conduct joint research including within the framework of European programs.
The University is also looking for partners, which will be interested in using and implementation of the devices and technologies under a financial agreement.

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