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A Ukrainian University offers a biocidal material based on polyurethane foam and iodine

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TOUA20201009002
Publication Date: 9 October 2020


A university offers a method of production of biocidal material based on polyurethane foam and iodine: pills of various sizes for the disinfection of drinking water from pathogenic microorganisms; bactericidal bandages, which, depending on the degree of damage, can be applied before and after the initial treatment of wounds; disinfection of drinking water in field and stationary conditions from pathogenic microorganisms. Type of cooperation: commercial agreement with technical assistance.


A Ukrainian University since 2001 works on method of biocidal material based on polyurethane foam and iodine. It also develops  methods  of environmental, food, pharmaceutical and biomedical  analysis. The  proposed method of production of biocidal material is based on the modification of polyurethane foam with iodine. The intensity of sublimation of iodine from the surface of the sorbent, and therefore the degree of bactericidal nature of the material developed, is governed by the amount of pre-sorbed iodine under the special conditions. Tablets (diameter 10-15 mm, height 3-5 mm) and bandages (area - as needed, thickness (1-3 mm) of polyurethane foam, on which pre-sorbed milligrams of iodine are sorbed. Polyurethane foam is a soft, lightweight yet durable material that transmits air and moisture I2-PPU material is readily obtainable in laboratory and domestic conditions with PPU and crystalline iodine or iodine dissolved in alcohol or water (in KI3 form). Laboratory specimens of material based on polyurethane foam and iodine have been developed with varying degrees of sublimation of iodine from the surface of the carrier, and therefore with varying degrees of bactericidal activity.
The proposed method of the polyurethane foam modification is simple and rapid. It can be fulfilled outside the lab. The material retains its bactericidal properties when stored in an airtight container indefinitely (at least three years) due to the establishment of an equilibrium between the gas and solid phases. The problems that it solves suggested method:
- disinfection of drinking water of long storage;
- dosed iodization of drinking water.
The University is seeking companies which are interested in using the proposed biocidal material for the disinfection of the environment and food (water), as well as in the production of bactericidal dressings. Also of interest are companies that have experience in disinfection of drinking water and the production of antiseptics for medicine and household goals.
The type of cooperation can include commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Advantages and Innovations

The using of polyurethane foam helps to fix necessary amount of iodine on the surface and keep it intact for a long time. The method of modification can help to control the bactericidical activity of tables. The bactericidal material I2-PPU acts on human skin gently, without burning it, unlike an alcoholic solution of iodine. The advantages of this method are:
1. Мethod of applying iodine to the surface of PUF, which provides the predicted gradual and controlled release of iodine into the environment (water, air). The method is based on the ability of different amounts of iodine to be sorbed on the surface of PUF due to chemical, physicochemical and physical interactions, characterized by different strength of iodine fixation. From the surface of I2-PUF is released first iodine, which is fixed due to physical interactions, then - physico-chemical and chemical interaction.
2. Alcohol-based iodine does not have the beneficial effect on sensitive skin, especially on open wounds. Applying iodine even to intact skin can cause a burn.
The microlayer of air in the cells of the porous material I2-PUF contains a metered amount of bactericidal iodine, which prevents the penetration of bacteria into the wound.
Upon contact with water, the I2-PUF material also gradually releases iodine, which exhibits bactericidal properties in the aqueous medium.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

The University is looking for entities with experience in disinfection of drinking water and production of antiseptics for medicine and for house hold goals (with the subsequent introduction of technology).

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