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London-based company offers their advanced robotic hand technology to a wide range of industries

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20190109001
Publication Date: 2 August 2019


The London-based company designs and develops advanced robotic hand technologies, which can be deployed in many industries with a range of applications, such as teleoperation in extreme environments and laboratory automation, etc. The company therefore offers their expertise to other companies that can potentially benefit from this technology in mutually beneficial ways. They are looking to sign research and/or technical agreements with interested companies.


The London-based company was established in 1997 by a group of independent robotics researchers. They are now a company of 37 engineers focusing on the development of the most advanced robotic hands available in the market that are closely similar to human hands. 

The company has extensive skills and experience in prototyping new and innovative hardware and systems for robotics. In addition, they can bring a full set of resources to support the offer. Their comprehensive knowledge of working with Robotic Operating System (ROS) can help support development of any proprietary software modules. For example, force sensing capabilities can be attached at every joint of the fingers of their robotic hands. The advanced grasping technology is capable of being taught a wide range of objects, combining with adaptive grasping with cloud-based grasp planning, they are able to create accurate and reliable grasping solutions.

Their technology can be deployed either statically, or on a mobile platform, and can address a wide range of industrial and/or other business challenges. The markets that they are targeting including the manufacturing sector such as logistics, additive manufacturing and general automation; laboratory automation for pharmaceutical industry; and teleoperation applications such as nuclear, oil & gas, space and inspections.

The company is offering their technologies for other companies that could potentially benefit from it, with a view to sign a research cooperation agreement or technical cooperation agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

The award-winning company has the following advantages and innovations: 

- advanced grasping technology
- advanced manipulation technologies
- combining advancing artificial intelligence (AI) research and providing haptic feedback for tele-presence.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for the following partners: 

End-user partners in the following sectors:
• Nuclear Decommissioning
• Space applications for remote manipulation or telepresence
• Oil & Gas off-shore maintenance
• Automotive manufacturing
• Assembly and packaging line
• Warehouse-Logistics

Technology partners
• Vision solution providers
• Sensor technologies (tactile sensors, haptics)
• Immersive technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality)
• Robot arms

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