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A most accurate digital assistant with an avatar indistinguishable from human

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20191104003
Publication Date: 4 November 2019


A UK company has combined two advanced machine learning technologies to create the world’s most accurate, contextual and visual digital assistant. Patent pending technologies combine a state of the art machine learning interface with a hyper realistic avatar capable of delivering information in multiple languages by what appears to be a human character. Foreign partners are being sort in healthcare and e-retail for license and financing agreements and commercial ones with technical assistance.


The initial pathway for this technology is primary care within the UK as well as private healthcare products and services. Addressing the most commonly asked questions around minor ailments or specific pharmacy drugs will reduce the number of unnecessary visits to the doctors, thereby saving the NHS millions of pounds as well as encouraging a healthier population. 
The artificial intelligence (AI) technologies combine to create a machine learning assistant fronted by a hyper realistic avatar, which is designed to deliver information at scale, saving costs whilst ensuring advice remains 100% consistent. The technology allows for a real human to be essentially regenerated as a digital assistant, with the ability to speak any language with conviction. The benefits are extensive and the technology has an essential role to play in population health management through the provision of concise information.
The technology can be easily trained to address any topic, from financial management, product usage guidance through to taking steps to help the user better understand and manage their illness. The technology can, in theory, be deployed in any situation and for any business looking to improve their connectivity to users 24/7.
The company seeks international partners in the e-retail and healthcare sectors, for mostly commercial agreements with technical assistance. A transfer of the technology will be covered by a license agreement. Significant technical assistance will be provided when adapting the technology to further applications. Health insurers, consumer healthcare products, consumer advisory services, e-tail and international governments will benefit greatly from the technology.
The company is also interested in financing agreements to boost the entry into new markets.


Advantages and Innovations

The patent pending technology combines two unique forms of machine learning AI; 
1 – Hyper Realistic Avatar
Recreation of any human face, with the ability to speak multiple languages whilst showing emotion and excellent voice synthetisation abilities.
2 – Digital Assistant
Smart technology that learns optimal responses and improves accuracy of responses. Accuracy levels at 95%. Can be a stand-alone, highly accurate bot.
The advantages of this technology are as follows:
• Platform can be fully branded
• Any human face can be recreated to host
• Search query data can be mined to understand data trends
• The ONLY indistinguishable human avatar technology with the ability to address questions 24/7
• Delivery of consistent data at scale
• Reduce costs of real human triage systems

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

In early 2020, brands will have the opportunity to license the machine learning digital assistant (without avatar). The avatar component combined with the machine learning comes on line mid 2020.

Requested partner

The company seeks partners in four areas:
a) International license resellers with proven networks
b) Suppliers of medical products/pharmaceutical companies keen to trial
c) Healthcare Insurance companies keen to trial
d) European Health Services keen to trial

The company is also seeking investment from investors with expertise in AI.

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