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A comprehensive AI powered solution to detect and quantify harmful online content

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20200910001
Publication Date: 10 September 2020


A small UK company is piloting a comprehensive solution that detects and quantifies many types of harmful, misleading and offensive content. Apart from real time risk avoidance, it also contains tools for scoring and health checks so that businesses and organisations understand their content better. Industry, academia and government are sought for license, technical cooperation and joint venture agreements to grow both the solution and the user base.


In the online world, artificial intelligence is making great strides. It helps develop better tools for cyber security, anti-spam, behavioural and sentiment analysis.
As the technology improves, it can do more and different things. A small UK company is validating an AI powered solution to handle harmful content. There are solutions available to tackle certain aspects of it but it is tricky to mix and match several products at the same time, one comprehensive solution is better.
The solution detects, quantifies and validates harmful content and misinformation. The latter can be done through extensive cross-referencing. The harmful content includes hate speech, abuse, insult, threat, sexism, racism, clickbait, aggression, sentiment, opinionated content, toxicity and claims. The suite of algorithms provides real time detection and filtering of harmful signals, alerts to avoid risk situations in inbound and outbound communications. The harmful signals are quantified, to suggest the extent of harm. Other tools allow for actionable content analysis, insight through various correlations, and a scorecard. In addition to risk management, businesses and organisations will also understand their content better.
The company has validated the MVP (minimum viable product) in the lab and is executing pilots with a news aggregator and a user-generated content (UGC) platform.
The company is seeking further uses for license agreements but also integrators and other developers for technical cooperation or joint ventures. The solution can be improved further and/or built into other solutions.

Advantages and Innovations

The solution is first of its kind to the best of the company’s knowledge, that is this comprehensive.
Technical and organisational advantages include:
• Automated detection of signals in the content and real time
• Can be integrated to industry’s existing network
• Signals displayed as individual signal potential
• Reduce content moderation efforts
• Gives holistic view of content like content health score card
• Gives insights and different highlights of the content such as tone, emotions etc.
• Can be integrated with 3rd party CMS system.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Stage Of Development Comment


Requested partner

Type of partner sought: industry, academia and government.

Specific area of partner sought: digital media publisher, advertising network, brands, cybersecurity firms, government agencies, telecommunication networks, content analysis developers.

Role of partner sought: license agreements are sought with content aggregators and brands. Technical cooperation is sought for improvement of the solution and piloting in different scenarios. Integrators are sought for technical cooperation and joint ventures.

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