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A blockchain-based verifiable credential platform for issuing digital accredited Proof of Immunity Certificates and Proof of Vaccination certificates is offered under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20201005001
Publication Date: 5 October 2020


A UK start-up has developed a method of issuing, storing and displaying Proof of Immunity Certificates and later Proof of Vaccination Certificates, as a scalable solution to the multiple challenges that COVID19 has posed but not only limited to this current pandemic. Using blockchain technologies, this full-proof system will help to verify medical records and display them on-the-go with mobile phones. Collaboration is sought under commercial agreement with technical assistance.


A UK West Midlands-based start-up, founded in 2017, uses software systems and blockchain technology applied to managing processes around certification, accreditation and protecting intellectual property. 

COVID-19 has put at the centre of our lives a series of challenges linked to restrictions of mobility and travelling, testing, proof of medical record, etc. At the same time, the world moves towards digitalization, with countries and multilateral organizations trying to standardize criteria, methodologies and certifications. A good example of the lack of alignment between digitalization and certifications is the Yellow Fever Certificate for travellers which have been around since 1930 and is still paper-based. International Vaccination Certificates are pieces of card nearly impossible to verify and easily forgeable.

The project aims to link personal identity to the medical certificate as well as to enable real-time adjustment in case vaccination batches are recalled or more is learnt about the disease which means immunity can be extended. The goal is also to demonstrate a viable approach that can be rolled out quickly, with added innovation around the use of blockchain technology.

The company aims to bring to the market a cyber secure platform to issue, store and display Immunity Certificates at scale. This system will also be adapted to Vaccination Certificates. Individuals will be able to access a digital verifiable credential scheme to display on-the-go with mobile phones. At the same time, governments and multilateral organizations will enhance their tracing capabilities and response to new health related threats or global emergencies.

The UK start-up seeks collaboration or partnership with companies interested in applying this technology to their sector. Specifically, this novel solution is aimed at health-related certificate issuers like: pharmaceutical companies in charge of issuing certificates linked to their vaccines, health sector settings, pharmacies, travel clinics or travel agencies. The collaboration sought involves a commercial agreement with technical assistance to apply this technology to current market operators.

Advantages and Innovations

- Display of Proof of Immunity and Proof of Vaccination Certificates would be done by mobile phone SMS/QR codes.
- Instantly verified without interpersonal contact and at social distance if required.
- Thanks to the use of blockchain technology the information and personal records are secure.
- Existing paper-based certificates are costly, slow and bureaucratic to administer.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

Based on the company’s experience using blockchain technology applied to other sectors, this vertical is ready for market and scale up.

Requested partner

The preferred collaborator will be a company active in a market where modernization and digitalization of health-related certificates is sought. From public sector entities issuing medical records, to pharmaceutical companies allowed to issue their own certificates, but not excluding other sectors linked to the need of obtaining those records in order to operate (travel agencies, travel clinics, etc.).

The envisaged collaboration will involve integration and development of solutions under commercial agreement with technical assistance..

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