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UK company is looking for partners and investors for its patent pending floating energy solution for offshore wind industry

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20211001001
Publication Date: 7 October 2021


A UK company has developed a floating foundation solution for offshore wind turbines deployed in deep water unsuitable for pile foundations. The solution relies on a new generation concept, has been fully tested and is patent pending. The UK company is looking for partners to licence the technology or interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company is also seeking investors for financial agreement.


The Global offshore wind industry needs a solution to float the next generation of large capacity offshore wind turbines in areas which, due to their deep coastal waters, are unable to deploy seabed pile foundations.
A UK company has developed a product that addresses this problem. The product is a floating foundation structure that deploys a solid ballast below its keel and maintains fully fixed connections between the upper floating unit and lower ballast unit. The product meets the potential global demand for a floating structure able to support a 10 MW or larger wind turbine in 80 m or deeper waters with a high focus on modular, multi unit production for mass production.
It is a floating foundation structure that supports a wind turbine in water depths too deep for a foundation secured to the seabed. To improve the stability of the foundation and reduce its potential footprint size, it deploys and suspends a weighted structure below its base using a rigid truss frame with fixed connections to the buoyant structure above and counterweight structure below. Because of the overall structural rigidity, the whole system responds as a single body to interactions with sea and wind.
Potential partners to the company's patent pending product can be companies already operating in the offshore industry. They can either be a company in offshore oil and gas or working as an offshore installation contractor. In these cases a commercial agreement with technical assistance or licencing agreement can be considered. The company is also interested in partnerships with investors for a financial agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

The company's product has following advantages over the existing solutions.
-The connecting members never go slack.
-A one-body system has a much larger mass moment of inertia and can respond to external loads and certain prevailing wave conditions more effectively.
-A smaller overall footprint size to achieve the same level of stability and mass moment of inertia of competing designs. This benefits assembly and reduces cost.

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Requested partner

UK company is looking for partners or investors, who are already in energy market or interested in  energy market. Ideally these can be offshore oil and gas companies or offshore installation contractors. UK company is interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance or licensing agreement with these partners. In the case of investors, financial agreement is considered.

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