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Austrian public body seeks ICT solutions for safety and information provision in elevators and other public places

Country of Origin: Austria
Reference Number: TRAT20200103001
Publication Date: 3 January 2020


An Austrian public body is looking for partners from industry, preferable SMEs experienced with elevator systems, who can provide a barrier-free emergency call system. This sustainable solution with display/screen and camera should also be able to detect critical safety situations, to prevent false alarms, to monitor elevator operation and to provide customer-related information. Partners are sought for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement.


Most elevators nowadays are equipped with an acoustic system (bell and/or intercom system) for emergency calls. These systems are not suitable for deaf and hearing-impaired people. The European Union has incorporated the equality treatment of disabled persons in its policies and guidelines especially for the public sector. The usual emergency call systems also provide no secure way to prevent false alarms, which cause high costs by summoning emergency teams in vain. In addition safety aspects (detection of vandalism etc.) and the opportunity to provide useful information in such public places are not taken into account. 

An Austrian public body is therefore looking for ICT-solutions especially for elevators but also for other indoor (e.g. entrance halls) and outdoor public places, which should fulfill the following requirements:

- barrier-free emergency call system (suitable for people with visual or hearing disabilities)
- prevention of false alarms
- detection of critical situations concerning safety: detection of vandalism and abandoned objects; prevention of violent attacks; detection of unconscious persons etc.
- monitoring of elevator operation for predictive maintenance
- interactive provision of customer-related information (e.g. news, weather, orientation plan, canteen menu, best connection for public transport, cultural programmes, event tips, sightseeings, information from building management etc.); if possible, information should be provided in a barrier-free way.

The Austrian public body is looking for solution providers from industry, preferable SMEs experienced with elevator systems for a commercial agreement with technical assistance (installation, training, maintenance) or technical cooperation agreement (adaptation, further development).

Deadline for expressions of interest (EoI) is the 31st of March 2020. All EoI will be collected until this date. Afterwards the Austrian public body will select the most promising solution providers for getting in direct contact for discussion of possible next steps.

Expertise sought

hardware requirements:
- state of the art display or screen with microphone and loudspeakers
- camera system
- vandal-proof and suitable for indoor and outdoor application
- easy integration in elevator systems
- signal amplification due to shaft operation
- sustainable; reduced energy consumption and costs

software requirements:
- enabling the functions listed in the description above
- easy to operate, as self-explanatory as possible
- easy upload of information
- information should be available in several languages (German, English,...)

general requirements:
- reasonable price
- the solution should be at least in the prototype- or small series-status
- guaranteed availability
- networkability of the devices to spread important information centrally (e.g. warnings of storms, avalanches, floods or donation fraudsters etc.)

Requested partner

A partner is sought for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement.

type: industry, preferably SMEs

area of activity: provider of suitable ICT-solutions; experience with elevator systems is required; experience with customers from the public sector is desirable;

task to be performed: installation of the system at selected test sites (small pilot projects), handover and brief training, maintenance and repair; possibly also adaptation to specific needs or further development of new features;

Cooperation offer is closed for requests