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A Chinese company is looking for technology for producing intelligent switchgear.

Country of Origin: China
Reference Number: TRCN20170720002
Publication Date: 20 July 2017


A Chinese leading intelligent products company is looking for technology for producing intelligent switchgear. They want to cooperate with partners through research cooperation and technical cooperation.


This Chinese company was established in 2014.
The main products include grounding protection device and resistance cabinet in transformer’s neutral gap, intelligent and ordinary wind cooling cabinet, TPS-6000 series of substation integrated automation systems.
Its application fields include electricity, new energy, fossilization, metallurgy, mineral, water conservancy and rail transit.
The company is looking for partners for research cooperation and technical cooperation to produce intelligent switchgear.
Lacking highly precised experimenting and testing devices, the company need to increase capital investigation to improve those devices’ performance. They are hoping that digitization and intellectualization of electric primary and secondary line could be achieved.

Expertise sought

1.Power supply should be AC 220Vor DC 24V.
2.The product has a colored touching screen for browsing, displaying and operating.
3.There is voice product introduction, such as technical reference, function, fault prompt, operating procedure and safety prompt.
4.There are devices to protect circuit breaker switch, such as blocking current, quick break, overcurrent, inverse time and zero sequence current.
5.Display of current, voltage, power, insulation level, contact status, the number of circuit breaker’s switch times, operating position, status of earthing switch and equipment temperature.
6.Switchgear’s safety operating procedure.
7.The switchgear can start cooling and dehumidificating system itself when necessary.
8.It has the record of fault prediction, automatic tripping protection and fault.
9.Equipment operating status and self-check.
10.RS485/RS232 remote connection.
All these indexes are necessary to make equipment operate efficiently and to enhance the quality of national power grid.

Requested partner

The company is looking for R&D institution or company involved in producing intelligent switchgear. The company is interested in research cooperation and technical cooperation.

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