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Shaft for small positioner made of advanced materials required

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TRDE20181105001
Publication Date: 6 November 2018


A German multinational company is looking for a partner who can develop and/or manufacture a shaft for a small positioner. So far the shaft has been made of stainless steel but now the company looks for a replacement material (e.g. plasitics with steel fibre) that has basically the same features as stainless steel and also guarantees the cilyndricity/concentricity of the shaft . The co-operation could be under a manufacturing or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Positioners are primarily used in the process and automation industry for swivel tasks like e.g. for opening and closing pipelines or large process valves.
A large German manufacturing enterprise with many branches worldwide is looking for a developer and manufacturer of a shaft for a small positioner which will replace the currently used shaft that is made of stainless steel.
The new shaft should have nearly the same features as the stainless steel shaft and the optics and surface should also resemble the high-quality appearance of the stainless steel shafts. Furthermore, the characteristics of stainless steel and the cylindricity / concentricity of the shaft must be guaranteed.
Replacement material could be advanced plastic materials like e.g. plastic granulate filled with steel fibres.
The shaft will be employed in the field of rough areas (gas, oil, salt etc). If it meets the technical specifications the new shaft could already be on the market or it may have to be developed according to the company’s requirements. Both variants would be possible but the company needs some samples as soon as possible, so it would depend on the stage of development. Primarily, the company is looking for a partner with expertise in the possible replacement materials who would also manufacture the parts.
The envisaged partnership would be a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a manufacturing agreement.

Expertise sought

The shaft replacing the current stainless-steel shaft should have the following features:
· stable in rough areas (gas, oil, salt)
· narrow tolerances
· concentricity has to be guaranteed
· optics and surface should be similar to stainless steel
· more features are on the enclosed drawing

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Requested partner

Type of partner sought:
Specific area of activity of the partner:
manufacturer/developer of shafts for positioners
Tasks to be performed by the partner sought:
The partner should develop and manufacture the stainless steel shaft required by the company

Cooperation offer is closed for requests