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Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for travelguide for planning individiual journeys

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TRDE20211028001
Publication Date: 18 November 2021


A SME from the south of Germany is active in the field of publishing travel guides. For a web supported individual planning of round trips, they are looking for partners in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) or web scraping online. For this purpose, their travel guide content is made available for evaluation and they are looking for a research cooperation.


A Bavarian SME creates and publishes (digital) travel guides. More than 100 freelance authors regularly travel to the European regions described in the travel guides and can thus depict an objective picture of each region. The publisher digitalised the content of their travel guides and have a good database for planning individual journeys. 

This diverse editorial content serves as basis for a new solution, which requires abstracting the data with the help of AI. A solution is sought to analyse and process the available texts, which are semantically tagged and geo-located and to supplement and update them with the help of web scraping.
This approach should also make it possible to filter out changes, for example the opening hours or admission prices.
They aim to provide all customised information and best travel routes in one product. This can enable users to for example display a travel route with suggested stopovers and points worth seeing depending on the route of interest and according to the interest profile of the user.

They are looking for partnerships in the form of a research cooperation agreement.

Expertise sought

The partner should have knowledge in text analysis using AI. The existing guide content should be merged with updated information from the web using AI and web scraping. The goal is to provide the customer with all customized information in one place.

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Requested partner

The type of  partnership sought is a research cooperation agreement.
The partner sought should have knowledge in the field of text analysis with the help of AI.
The partner should analyse existing texts with the help of AI and the content should be supple-mented, compiled and kept up to date with data obtained from the web.

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