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Danish provider of recycling processes looking for commercial partner(s) with a solid business case based on collecting, sorting, downsizing, and Reuse, Recycle and Refurbish of EOL ((End Of Life) fiber/glass fiber reinforced composites waste

Country of Origin: Denmark
Reference Number: TRDK20200907001
Publication Date: 17 September 2020


This Danish organisation has a unique position in the market focusing on recycling via decommissioning processes, in which the supply chain is the foundation for business development. The  organisation is looking for partners with knowledge and experience within collecting, sorting, downsizing and reuse, recycle  and refurbish of EOL (End Of Life) fiber/glass fiber reinforced composites waste. The cooperation could be a technical, commercial with technical assistance or a joint venture.


Located on the Danish coast this organization is the umbrella for approx. 570 companies in the region. A long history and tradition related to the maritime environment has been the foundation of an industrial development, competences, and innovation within this industry. Competences among member industries made this organization develop a new overall strategy with a business model focusing on recycling and circularity. 

The harbor has become the central point of recycling with decommissioning of offshore oil rigs and platforms, from the North Sea and the Baltic sea - being transported to the harbor for further recycling of all possible parts into other purposes.

This successful logistic process makes the harbor the perfect an obvious spot for scrapping of old and outdated/decommissioned offshore wind turbines, from the wind farms in the North Sea. To be able to succesfully recycle these, the organization seeks a partner with the knowledge and experience in the recycling of EOL (End Of Life) windmill wings. A partnership with a company, university or research institution who possesses this technology could jumpstart this process. To top this up with, the Danish organization hopes for the emergence of a spin-off company, resulting from such a collaboration.

The potential partner will engage in a well-established business model of circularity with a high growth potential. Thanks to a good geographic location and an innovative organization the potential partner will benefit from an established supply chain and an excellent network for further collaboration and development of this sustainable business idea.

Expertise sought

This Danish organization is looking for a partner with knowledge of and experience in EOL handling and reuse of fiber glass with the purpose of recycling larger fiber glass items / constructions. Possibly a Start up with Proof of concept.  

The experience can be obtained from a company working with collecting, sorting, downsizing and Reuse, Recycle and Refurbish of EOL fiber/glass fiber reinforced composites waste maybe using pyrolysis and having gained dedicated knowledge and commercial experience from own processes.

Requested partner

Company with proof of concept and proof of market wishing to establish a new subdivision or a joint venture at a deep sea port.
The partner could be a start-up or scale-up with ambitions to expand into a new and higly interesting market.

Optimal, the partner will have interest in a technological / business partnership e.g. as joint venture or will have interest in starting up new and individual business at the premesis based on their own existing business.

Dissemination Countries

Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom

Cooperation offer is closed for requests