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Enzymatic peeling of citric fruits

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TRES20151223004
Publication Date: 23 December 2015


A Spanish company is specialized in fruit processing for industrial use. The company’s main activity is aseptic processing and preservation of fruits. It has recently incorporated to its range of products individually quick frozen (IQF) fruit processing, using cryogenic technology. It is interested in acquiring a technology that allows an enzymatic peeling of citric fruits. It is looking for industrial partners interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


The spanish company is interested in finding a technology that allows an enzyme peeling of citrus fruits. The peeling is currently done by applying heat before scalding. However, the effectiveness of this process is not complete. In some fruits such as orange, the peel is very attached to the pulp so staff is required to, by hand, finish the peeling.

The company is currently processing an average of 50.000 tonnes of fruit per year.

The company is looking for an agreement arranging the acquisition of a technology paired with the provision of a number of services in support of, or essential to a transfer of technology.
The company is interested in establishing a commercial agreement with technical cooperation with the aim of acquiring a technology based on enzyme peel able to peel the fruit and therefore that permits the company improve peel efficiency.

Expertise sought

With the adquisition of an enzyme peel technology the peeling would be performed in one step.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for other companies in the food industry to stablish a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company is looking to purchase a technology product and requires the necessary support. The sought company should offer a tehcnology that is already on the market.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests