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System to clean used tyres (otherwise known as casings) prior to retreading

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: TRFR20171002001
Publication Date: 2 October 2017


A French retreading company is looking for a system to clean the used tyres (casings) prior to the retreading process. The system should be able to clean the inside and outside of the casing without causing any damage to it, and should left the casing in a clean state according to the company’s specification.

The company is interested by a technical cooperation with a partner able to provide a system or process which can be adapted its requirements.


The first stage of the retreading process involves the cleaning of the casings before the inspection phase. This is a prerequisite before a decision can be made on their suitability for retreading. The operation currently involves the manual handling of heavy loads in difficult working conditions. (noise, odours etc). The current manual washing of the casings does not give a satisfactory result, and also uses a significant amount of water.

For this reason the company is looking for a solution which will result in casings presented to the inspection post in a state that facilitates this process.

The system should be able to
- clean both inside and outside of the casing
- make no damage to the casing
- dry the casings before the inspection process
The technical specifications can be found further below.
The system should be able to be installed in the same position as the current manual system used to clean casings.

The French company is now looking for an industrial partner, in the cleaning business, able to supply such equipment or to help adapt existing equipment to fit its requirements under a technical cooperation agreement.

Expertise sought

Casings to be cleaned will comply with the following dimensioning ranges:
- Tyres sizes ranging from 205/65-17.5 to 445/65-22.5 according to the dimension nomenclature
- External diameter : 700 to 1200 mm (mostly)
- Tread width : 205 to 530 mm
- Weight : 20 to 150 kg

The casings must also comply with the following cleaning specifications : be clean and dry for the inspection process to take place
a casing is considered as clean if there is
- no grease residues, dust, dirt or any contamination inside or outside
a casing is considered as dry if there is:
- no water residue remaining in the inside or and in any damages apparent on the outside
- it feels dry when touched by an operator

Constraints :
The cleaning system should :
- not damage the casing
- be compliant with ISO 14001-2004 and ISO 9001-2008
- not be louder than 78db
- fit in the existing area, which will be further defined, depending on the proposals.

As part of the solution, sludge processing after cleaning, must be included in the system in accordance with ISO 14001 requirements.
Any required water treatment / processing must not produce bad or aggressive smells in the vicinity.

Operations :
24/7 in 3x 8 hours shifts, and must require less than 8 hours maintenance downtime
The system should be supplied and evacuated by a conveyor belt with a capacity of 3 casing before and after processing
Manual operational controls before inspection are required.
The control system must be compatible with the other systems in the factory, using the same components etc.
System capacity : 500 casings / 8 hour shift (either by a single or multiple machines)

Requested partner

Type : industrial (any size) manufacturer of cleaning machines or processes using water

Role : to provide or adapt a machine / process according to the company's technical requirements

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