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Innovative outdoor urban recreational equipment with higher social impact

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: TRFR20181106001
Publication Date: 22 November 2018


A French SME specialised in the development, production and installation of unique outdoor recreational areas is looking for innovative equipement with high social or interactive value to improve the well-being of city dwellers belonging to different generation and social groups.
It is interested by technical or commercial (with technical content) cooperation with companies already having such equipements or products.


This French company has been active for several years in the field of sports or recreational equipments which can be unique, temporary or permanent. Its targeted clientele is both public and private stakeholders.

To remain attractive, in particular with public stakeholders in urban areas, it is considering improving the social impact of its product to create more interactions between mixed generation and social groups, to provide more sustainability vs. environmental issues.

For this purpose it is looking for cooperation with companies offering innovative equipment for urban outdoor recreational areas which comply with a low environmental impact and higher level of inclusivity, sustainability.

The partner sought may have a proof of concept or an existing prototype not necessarily a product or equipment already in the market.

The company is not interested by cooperation with design offices or technical centres.
It is very open on the type of equipment providing it fulfils the requirements and can be adapted to a large public.

Expertise sought

Equipment (Proof of concept or prototype) for urban outdoor recreational areas with a high innovative, social and sustainability content.

The company is looking for equipment or systems allowing for instance :
- higher interaction between users be that children-children or children - adult (accompanying persons) so that each generation has a chance to benefit from the equipment
- higher social value, with better attractiveness to the population from different social or cultural origins
- higher environmental value, with less impact on environment but also a better use of resources - could be the use of natural resources as an element of the recreational activity

Requested partner

Type : companies active in the field of producing outdoor recreational / game equipment

Role : to cooperate with the company in the development of new products through commercial agreement with technical content or technical cooperation

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