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An Italian producer of plant is looking for a technology enabling the micropropagation

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TRIT20190702001
Publication Date: 8 July 2019


An Italian plant nursery seeks a technology enabling the micropropagation. The introduction of this technique would make the company able to produce disease free plants with genetic and health characteristics identical to those of plants used for propagation. The micropropagation would also make it possible to reduce the time and space required for the productive process. They are willing to cooperate under license and commercial agreements with technical assistance.


This Italian plant nursery is engaged in the production of plants for professionals and hobbyists. It covers an area of approximately 30,000 square meters and they have fully automated greenhouses. They pay great attention to the process innovation. In fact, they are the only company in their region which is able to integrate characteristics of the grafted plants and the format of the pressed peat cubes. 

The company is now looking for partners who can provide a technology for the micropropagation. Micropropagation is a technique that allows to obtain a clone of the plant itself, through the adoption of modern methods of in vitro culture of plant cells and tissues. The clone obtained is endowed with the same genetic heritage. Unlike the other systems of plant multiplication such as steam cuttings, offshoots, grafting etc..., the micropropagation allows the reproduction of clones free from bacterial and viral infections. This practice also allows to obtain an enormous quantity of cloned individuals. It is also useful in multiplying plants which are sterile and do not produce viable seeds or when seed cannot be stored.

In order to benefit from these advantages, the Italian company is willing to acquire the technology under commercial agreements with technical assistance. In this case, the potential partner will also offer the support needed to apply the technology, in particular the staff training. The Italian company is also available to buy the equipment needed to apply a micropropagation method. In case of patented technology, the cooperation will be carried out under license agreement. Under this kind of deal, the Italian company will use patented technology owned by the licensor in exchange of royalties.

Expertise sought

The company seeks technology and know-how to implement the micropropagation technique. In spite of the fact that the Italian plant nursery uses innovative technologies for the plant reproduction, they have no in-depth knowledge of the different micropropagation methods, in particular with regard to their advantages and disadvantages. For this reason the company is very interested in knowing the proposals of the various potential technological partners. The goal the company wants to achieve is not to reduce the space used for plant production. They rather want to improve the efficiency of the production process, producing more plants for the same price.The company would therefore like to know the costs related to equipment, staff training, licensing etc ...

Stage Of Development Comment

The Italian company is looking for market-ready technologies.

Requested partner

The potential international partner will provide everything that is needed to apply a micropropagation method, from the staff training to the acquisition of the necessary equipment. The cooperation will be carried out under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Regarding the license agreement, the partner sought will transfer the right to use the technology to the Italian company.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests