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Italian engineering company search hospitals and companies, as subcontractors of H2020 R&D project, to define and test innovative bone spinal device

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TRIT20190705001
Publication Date: 5 July 2019


An Italian engineering company skilled in mechanics systems management is designing a H2020 Accelerator proposal (deadline: 09-10-2019) to validate an innovative bone fusion spinal device, to be implanted percutaneously in day-hospital. 
The company proposes research cooperation agreements  (as sub-contractors) to private/public hospital experienced in spinal surgery, with interest in test implants on their patients, and to a commercial health devices companies, to promote the device.


An Italian engineering company skilled in precision mechanics systems develop, patented and tested on corpses an innovative bone fusion spinal device (called QFusion) in collaboration with commercial companies operating in the spinal therapy and devices market. The company aims to submit an H2020 EIC Accelerator proposal at the cut off date of 9 October 2019.
Project goals are: device CE certification, pre-series production, validation with first users in private or public hospitals.
QFusion aims at a high level of satisfaction to patients who need a spinal stabilization surgery with bone fusion. The surgical procedures using QFusion will be performed percutaneously (minimally invasive) in day-hospital with less risk and discomfort for the patients because the health recovery will be faster. The QFusion device is designed to be simple, not bulky and easy to implant on the patient spinal column. Given that are performed in EU about 200,000/year spinal stabilization surgery with bone fusion, the new device will have a high positive impact on the EU health system.
The QFusion implant tests on corpses, already performed by stakeholder radiologists, showed that QFusion performances are better than other device and spinal stabilization method: the grip stability is 100% higher than the best interspinal devices now on the market. Moreover, the new device price will be 10-15% lower than the other solutions having lower performances.
The QFusion patent is already registered. The CE certification to produce and introduce this new device on the market will be issued, within 2020, by authorized Agency (TUV). The applicant company will implement, during Innovation project, QFusion production process and certification as medical device (93/42/CE and 2007/47/CE, Class IIB device).

The project include collaborations (as sub-contractors) with two kind of subjects:
1) private/public Hospitals interested to test the QFusion implants on their patients,
2) commercial companies to define, promote and distribute the QFusion device in their countries.

Research cooperation agreements will be established

The sub-contracting search deadline is 10th of September.

Expertise sought

The company is looking for hospitals and private clinics experienced in spinal surgery, with interest in implanting QFusion on their patients.

The collaboration of commercial health devices companies to promote and distribute QFusion and their countries is also welcome

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Requested partner

Expertise in spinal surgery from Hospitals Health Research Centres or private Clinics, interested in test and implant QFusion on their patients.

Commercial health devices companies to support the device definition and to promote and distribute QFusion in their countries

Cooperation offer is closed for requests