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Restore and heal wounds using amino acid from silk

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TRKR20170123003
Publication Date: 23 January 2017


A Korean SME is looking for technology that can be used for recovering wounds with refined amino acid. The company is specialised in manufacturing silk based materials that can be used for bio purposes. The company is open for commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement, manufacturing agreement.


A Korean company inherited the tradition for 4 generations. The SME is specialised manufacturing materials with refined amino acid from silk which can be mixed with natural herbs to heal wounds. They are looking for an innovative technology that can manufacture materials to heal wounds. 

The company would like to have partners with a technical expertise in refined amino acid from silk. Also, the company is looking for technology relating magnesium implant.

The company is interested in licensing agreement, manufacturing agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance. The partner will possess the technology and will gain right to commercialize the product. The SME is open for any type of organisations including industry, research organisation, and university.

Expertise sought

- Should not have negative effects when it is applied on human body

Requested partner

Type of partner sought:
- SMEs, universities, research institution, and larger companies
Specific area of activity of partner:
- Expertise knowledge in manufacturing materials from refined amino acid
Tasks to be performed by the partner sought:
- Helping on developing and manufacturing new products
- License agreement partner can commercialize the product and hold right to distribute

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