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Request for a non-invasive waste detection technology

Country of Origin: Lithuania
Reference Number: TRLT20190130001
Publication Date: 30 January 2019


A public organisation in Lithuania is seeking for a technology allowing to detect hidden waste in the land using non-invasive methods. There is a growing efforts to protect the environment, traditional invasive sampling is time and resources sensitive, which greatly affects efficiency. It is hoped that non-invasive technology would help to gather larger samples of data and assist monitoring unlawful waste dumping activities. Ideally organisation is looking for a technology license.


A Lithuanian public organisation responsible for overseeing environmental protection is seeking for a technology allowing detecting illegal waste dumping sites in the natural environment. 
Growing concern over the environment protection identified the gap in active land quality monitoring. Currently used invasive sampling methods are inefficient as they are costly and time consuming. Aiming to make this process as efficient and effective as possible organisation is seeking for a technology, which would allow land monitoring and detection of illegal waste dumps in natural environment. Ideally the technology would allow monitoring large areas at one time being able to detect different waste substances and build a report on it.
Due to resources restrictions organisation is looking for a developed technology for licensing agreement, however research development partnership would be also considered.

Expertise sought

Organisation is looking for a partner, working in environment protection field with a long-term experience using different technologies adn can provide full consultation, how to make the best us of the technology.

Requested partner

Organisation is seeking for a partner, who has developed the technology and can offer its full licensing with a support and consultation of the most appropriate use for it. 

Developers' of the technology offers would be considered for the research cooperation purposes, however organisation would expect for the developer to take full responsibility for a technology development.

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