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Hydrophobic nanoparticles technology (anti-fouling paints)

Country of Origin: Luxembourg
Reference Number: TRLU20181005001
Publication Date: 11 October 2018


A company based in Luxembourg is looking for a partner able to provide nanoparticles technology to be added to paints, to prevent the adherence of organisms in aquatic environment. The company is looking for research or technical cooperation agreement.


Traditional antifouling technologies are based on the controlled release of biocides (toxic heavy metals) to prevent fouling organisms from adhering to the hull of a ship. In contact with water, the top layer of antifouling coating is dissolved and the biocides thus offer protection from fouling organisms.
These paint systems are outdated and will be banned in the future because of their negative impact on marine ecosystems.
The company is therefore looking for new and innovative non-toxic additives (thus NOT containing biocides neither heavy metals or substances harmful to the environment).
The company is looking for research or technical cooperation agreements, with a partner able to provide such materials.

Expertise sought

Companies able to offer specific materials (silicone epoxy resin or miscible solvent, binder or additive) to be added to painting allowing the no adherence of biomasses.
The most important point is that the proposed solution respects the maritime environment (no release of harmful substances, non toxic material). The final solution adopted must be validated by tests and trials.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Type of partner: start-up or company
Role of the partner: provide nanoparticles and co-develop the final formula that demonstrate the performance of anti-fouling

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