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Solutions sought to 'transport, unpack and arrange' flowers without fuss.

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Reference Number: TRNL20170920001
Publication Date: 9 October 2017


A Dutch Flower auction is looking for a new fussless floral concept. Therefore the company is seeking creatives or suppliers to co-create this new concept for the flower chain from florist/retailer to consumer.
Cooperation based on a technical cooperation agreement.


Dutch Flower auction, the largest in the world, is looking for a new flora concept that makes a bouquet of flowers a gift with less fuss. 
Flowers are nice to give and to receive. However the process from buying until having them arranged in a vase does involve quite a few inconveniences.

The person who is buying the flowers doesn’t like the wet stems in the back of his car or the flowers to be damaged when transporting by bike.

The receiver often highly appreciates the gift but is not looking forward to put them in a vase. First of all a vase of the right size has to be found. Then the flowers have to be unpacked, a struggle with scissors and sticky tape. Then struggling with the cutting of the stems with scissors or a knife. Quite often the bunch is wrapped with sticky tape or a piece of elastic string. This poses the question whether it should be removed, and how, or leave it there. When it is removed, the bouquet will fall apart, when not removed, it doesn’t look nice. Finally the flower nutrition has to be added to the water. When opening the flower nutrition package there’s the risk of spilling the powder all over the place.
The Flower auction wants to develop a new floral concept to solve this hassle and to take away as much dissatisfiers for consumers as possible, without a substantial raise of logistical costs.
• To make the steps from unwrapping a bouquet until having it in a vase easier.
• To limit the raise of (logistical) costs.
• To underline the image of a bouquet of flowers as a beautiful and conveniënt gift.

This technology request is an innovation challenge that is published on an open innovation platform. If you express interest in cooperation with this firm, you will be guided towards this open innovation platform on which you can get in touch via a chat function with the company. Mind that your posts on this platform are not confidential.
Next to open discussion on the platform, sharing of confidential information will be made possible on demand.
Open for EOI's: until 1st December
After that, the firm will select the sme's that they propose to continue with for the development of their solution.

The company is looking for cooperation with creative companies or supplying companies for the development of this concept.

Cooperation based on a Technical cooperation agreement.

Expertise sought

Cooperation based on a Technology cooperation agreement with creative companies interested in the development of a new floral concept or supplying companies interested in cocreation of a new floral concept, both with experience in packaging design.

Requested partner

Creative companies with competencies for the development of a new floral concept.
Supplying companies in the floral chain, for example packaging, who are interested in the co-creation of a new floral concept.

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