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Singapore SME seeks dry-mist disinfectants for use with disinfection robot in homes, small offices

Country of Origin: Singapore
Reference Number: TRSG20200513001
Publication Date: 13 May 2020


A Singapore technology solutions SME is seeking a non-toxic, baby-safe disinfectant that is certified for home use. This disinfectant is to be used in an autonomous disinfection robot to disinfect and kill bacteria and virus on exposed surfaces and to sanitise the air.

The company seeks to partner SMEs from France or EUREKA participating countries via licensing or technical cooperation agreement, with the interest to jointly apply for bi-lateral funding.


The Singapore SME is keen to work with partners who have the technologies to develop disinfectants to work on their dry mist robot. The ingredients in these liquid chemicals must be safe for households, general cleaning and suitable for disinfection.

It is important to properly clean and disinfect the surfaces in home and office spaces, as some microorganisms can make us ill. However, manual disinfection can be suboptimal as it is a labour-intensive process that can be inconsistent and prone to oversight errors.

Current disinfection robots are designed for commercial and industrial use and often use UV-C light for disinfection, which requires supervision. In contrast, a dry-mist disinfectant is suited for unsupervised usage as it can safely and efficiently eliminate bacteria, viruses, spores and fungus from the environment.

The disinfectant will be dispersed from a low-cost disinfection robot that can work autonomously to disinfect and kill bacteria and virus on all exposed surfaces, as well as to sanitise the air. Besides emitting dry-mist disinfectant, the robot also has an optional negative ion generator to purify the air as it cleans.

Targeted at small offices, children rooms and places that are difficult to access, the dry-mist disinfection robot will improve and simplify disinfection in homes, by providing a cost-effective and reliable approach that reduces the number of oversight errors that can occur in manual cleaning.

The Singapore company seeks to work with French or EUREKA participating countries to explore the following types of partnerships:

i) Licensing agreement - The Singapore company would license the technology to develop and incorporate it into their dry mist robot.

ii) Technical cooperation agreement - Both parties will jointly cooperate to undertake feasibility studies and tests for implementation on the dry mist robot.

Expertise sought

The dry-mist disinfectant technology sought should have the following features: 

• Compound that can be dispersed as a dry mist
• Suitable for unsupervised usage
• Can eliminate pathogens like bacteria, viruses, spores and fungus from the environment, including hepatitis, a member of the coronavirus family that is often used as a surrogate in coronavirus disinfectant studies
• Non-toxic, free of alcohol and is pH neutral
• Effectively and safely kill harmful bacteria and germs commonly found on surfaces and in the air
• Safe and environmentally friendly
• Compatible with a broad spectrum of at-risk surfaces, including hardtops, polymers, metals, glass, soft furnishings, natural and artificial materials
• “Green formulation”, for example using enzymes, which allows residual protection providing long-term remediation, and prevents the growth of mould and bacteria. It should have reduced reliance on conventional toxic chemicals

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

The Singapore company is keen to partner French or SMEs from a EUREKA participating country. The partner should possess the sought technology or capabilities and offer them to the Singapore company via a licensing or technical cooperation agreement.

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