Partnering events are an efficient way to make contact and meet different organisations participating in international fairs or conferences. This speed networking is an ideal way to source both technology and commercial partners.

Download the IPR brochure of the European IPR Helpdesk on partnering events to get an outline of the main intellectual property (IP) issues that SMEs should consider when participating in a brokerage event.

A partnering event is a series of prearranged transnational face-to-face meetings organised at a single venue for companies and research institutions from across Europe. In general, these technology events are organised at international fairs, trade shows or conferences, although some are organised as stand-alone events. Using another event as a host for a brokerage event can bring added value for the companies in the form of free entrance to the event, inclusion in the event’s catalogue and the opportunity for extra meetings to be organised with other companies attending the event.

Catalogue of technology profiles

The most essential element of any partnering event is the catalogue of technology profiles. This document gathers all technology offers and requests to allow all participants to select organisations with whom they would like to have a meeting during the partnering event.

Time line of activities for Partnering Events

This is how it functions:
  1. Subscribe with your own technology profile. The technology profiles of all participants will be published into a technology catalogue.
  2. Based on the technology profiles in the technology catalogue, all participants select those organisations with whom they would like to have a meeting during the partnering event.
  3. Before the partnering event all participants will receive a schedule of their pre-arranged bilateral meetings.

View the Calendar of all partnering events organised by the Enterprise Europe Network.

The following calendar shows the events which are organised or co-organised by the Enterprise Europe Network in Switzerland.

Swiss Nordic Bio 2018
Focus on Biotech, Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology 08 Feb 2018 Zürich, Switzerland
More Information
Wind Energy Matchmaking 2017
Focus on Onshore & Offshore Wind Energy 29 Nov 2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands
More Information
European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology - Matchmaking
Focus on Industrial Biotechnology 15 Nov 2017 Graz, Austria
More Information
Formnext 2017 Matchmaking Event for Additive Manufacturing
Focus on Additive Manufacturing 15 Nov 2017 Frankfurt, Germany
More Information
Smart City Brokerage Event
Focus on mobility, energy, sustainability & infrastructure in smart city planning and development 14 Nov 2017 - 16 Nov 2017 Barcelona, Spain
More Information
Medica Brokerage Event 2017
Focus on medical technologies & health 14 Nov 2017 - 16 Nov 2017 Düsseldorf, Germany
More Information
International brokerage event: AquaMatch
Focus on Water Technologies 02 Nov 2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands
More Information
Horizon 2020 Energy - Brokerage Event
Focus on energy efficiency, low carbon energy , smart cities & Euratom fission 24 Oct 2017 Brussels, Belgium
More Information
EU Brokerage Event on Key Enabling Technologies NMBP
Focus on Key Enabling Technologies - KETs Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials, Biotechnologies, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing 17 Oct 2017 Strasbourg, France
More Information
Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2017
Focus on Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Biology/Biotechnology, Medicine & IT Applications for Human Health and well-being 11 Oct 2017 - 12 Oct 2017 Turin, Italy
More Information