• SME instrument - continued strong results for Switzerland

    The European Innovation Council - SME instrument Phase 1 are in and once again this programme has proven extremely successful for Swiss applicants with 23 winners making us the second highest recipient country overall.

    Since the start of 2018 113 Swiss SMEs have won funding for their project amounting to over 24.3m Euros.

    All Phase 1 SME instrument winners receive a €50k cheque to develop their business plan and 3 days of business coaching with top-class experts pre-selected by their local EEN advisors.

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  • Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 opportunities in France - Spain - Switzerland

    Members of Enterprise Europe Network in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes France, Catalonia Spain and Switzerland joined in order to identify relevant European Opportunities of development in Smart factory and Industry 4.0. Below you will find a summary of technology and business offers & requests as well as partner search for European Projects.

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  • Cybersecurity self-check for SMEs

    Cyberattacks are now part of our daily lives and SMEs must therefore have a way to quickly determine whether their technical, organisational and staff-related measures can protect them adequately against cyber-risks.
    A high-calibre group of specialists has therefore developed a quick-check for this purpose.

    This tool is a joint initiative of FONES, the Federal Commission of Experts on Data Processing and Data Security, ICTswitzerland, FITSU – MELANI, ISSS, SATW, SNV, SQS and SVV

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