Wednesday 03 November 2021



Meet potential cooperation partners or technology providers in this online 1:1 meetings focused on how to create value from agrobiomass and side streams from food production.
Agrobiomass is a large, underexploited and indigenous resource. This matchmaking is not only focused on heating, but on all beneficial uses of agrobiomass and side streams from food production in a circular bio-economy.The event brings together companies and other organisations (buyers as well as suppliers) from all over Europe. This is a unique opportunity to generate new business contacts and contracts. Meetings will take place online and will be arranged in advance.
Topics addressed:
• Renewable energy production
• Biorefining
• Agrobiomass production
• Logistics and handling

Prior to the matchmaking event a webinar is organised displaying cases with end-users bringing value to agrobiomass.


4 Nov 2021 Registration and profile submission
3-4 Nov 2021 Online selection of bilateral meetings
3-4 Nov 2021 Bilateral meetings


Contact person in Switzerland This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.             +41 (0)58 461 89 85
Participant list Search Online
Website https://bringing-value-to-agrobiomass-2.b2match.io/
Event language English
Participant fee Free of charge


How it works

  1. Register and submit your cooperation profile online (be aware of the deadline)
  2. Profiles are published in a constantly updated online catalogue
  3. Select interesting profiles and request meetings
  4. Individual meeting times will be sent