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H2020 project aiming at software platform, granting enterprises access to fraud detection within their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ) system - Consortium is searching for ERP software companies with an SME customer base

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: RDDE20190312001
Publication Date: 13 March 2019


A German University for Applied Sciences will submit a H2020 project to the call SU‐DS03‐2019‐2020. Aim of the project is to develop a software platform granting micro, small and medium enterprises access to fraud detection within their ERP‐system. ERP software companies are sought as project partners to provide their solutions to a client base of SME and provide expertise in this technology sector and further knowledge of the customer requirements regarding functionalities and market potential.


Widespread use of IT solutions in business processes opens the door to fraudulent behaviour and attacks.  
The central objective of the project to the call - SU‐DS03‐2019‐2020: Digital Security and privacy for citizens and Small and Medium Enterprises and Micro Enterprises - is the development of a software platform solution granting access to fraud detection within their ERP‐system (Enterprise Resource Planning) to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. This will be achieved by gathering of anonymized data from various companies with different ERP‐systems; provision of real time monitoring of business processes in the connected ERP‐Systems; analysis of data considering frauds and risks using machine learning techniques; detection of new fraud/risk patterns and derivation of rules for future prevention.
By considering several ERP‐systems (commercial systems but also open source tools), various companies of different sizes are addressed to participate and profit from joint fraud detection. Consequently, this enlarges the database for proper fraud analysis and thus facilitates the derivation of new audit rules to prevent fraudulent behaviour. Furthermore, network effects can be exploited as detected fraud patterns and corresponding rules for their prevention become instantly available for all participating enterprises instead of remaining only in the affected company – inaccessible for others.
The project consortium as it stands involves universities and a research-driven SME as partners from Germany and is now searching for partners from all around Europe (except Germany).
Collaboration is foreseen with ERP software providers from Europe and beyond contributing with their expertise to develop customer-fit solutions to the problem.
The software company sought shall be established on the EU market as providers for ERP solutions to small, medium- and micro sized enterprises.
The ERP providers will work within work packages that refer to anonymous data provision and analysis, and also contribute to a demonstrator to showcase the ERP system connected to the fraud detection platform described above.
Partners will profit by the knowledge transfer and the generation of exploitable results/solutions.

Total project budget shall be around 4-5M€; funding rate for participating SME will be 70%;
Submission Deadline: 22 August 2019; in case of approval, the project will approximately start spring 2020.
Deadline for EOIs: 15 April 2019

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Requested partner

Type of partner sought: industry, SME
Specific area of activity of the partner ERP providers
Tasks to be performed by the partner: data provision, demonstrate and showcase ERP system connected to the newly developed fraud system

Cooperation offer is closed for requests