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Italian company seeks partners for a H2020 FTI call: Hierarchical I/O Planning, Placement, and Optimization for Systems 4.0

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: RDIT20190325001
Publication Date: 28 March 2019


An Italian emerging EDA (Electronic Design Automation) company, delivering disruptive software solutions to enable and accelerate the 3D-design of electronic products is looking for 3 technological partners to apply for an H2020 EIC FTI. The project’s objective is to customize and demonstrate an advanced I/O planning technology that reduces design time, enabling a higher level of integration of 2.5D and 3D-IC for next generation electronic products in European and extra European markets.


The lead partner:
The Italian company provides software solutions to enable and accelerate the 3D design of latest generation electronic products.
The company has just successfully applied to and won the EU Grant SME instrument phase 1 and 2.

The project:
The project aims at launching onto the market a new software solution enabling a much higher integration of 2.5D and 3D electronic circuits for Artificial Intelligence and IoT electronic designs, which dramatically reduces design time. In order to perform this demonstration, the project involves key stakeholders of the electronic design value chain such as, an ASIC Design house, an IoT and an AI engineering firm and eventually an EDA vendor.
The project is addressing an industry need; indeed the industry is looking at 2.5D & 3D integration which represent the emerging alternative to transistor scaling because is more economically viable than extreme miniaturization. The 2.5D and 3D integration consists in creating a new level of abstraction, in which the system is divided into multiple silicon components either stacked on top of one another, or placed side-by-side onto a silicon interposer or in a package, or hybrid combinations of the previous solutions.

The Programme:
Fast Track to Innovation is a fully-bottom-up innovation support programme promoting close-to-the-market innovation activities open to industry-driven consortia that can be composed of all types of participants. It can help partners to co-create and test breakthrough products, services or business processes that have the potential to revolutionise existing or create entirely new markets, under the helm of the new European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot.

To address the project needs, the Italian lead partner is looking for the following partners.
1) An Internet of Things and AI medium-sized Engineering firm, which will provide relevant electronic design use cases for the demonstration of the I/O planning and optimization technology. They will also provide input for eliciting the requirements of the design collaboration tools and will participate in the acceptance testing cycle.
2) A Design House or Semiconductor Company: specialized in ASIC development using standard EDA tools. It will collaborate with the Coordinator in the integration of the new customization capabilities
3) An RTD Software: R&D Organization, University, Technology-based company specialized on developing modern collaboration tools for product lifecycle management.

The coordinator is willing to apply for the deadline of 22nd of October 2019.

The project duration is 18/24 months

Advantages and Innovations

The 4.0 industry revolution demands for even more integrated, heterogenous electronic system, with silicon components either stacked on top of one another, or placed side by side onto a silicon interposer. The communication (I/O) among the compute, memory, interface, sense is fundamental.
The objective of the project is to customize and demonstrate an advanced I/O planning technology for Artificial Intelligence and IoT products. These two emerging markets will open completely unexplored possibilities for the automation and communication of sensors and actuators with the needs and desires of the general population (such as healthcare and tele-health, smarter cars/offices/homes/cities, etc.), with market size estimates of up to a trillion euros. From the electronic technology perspective, these developments will be enabled by a series of innovations in the design and production chain of integrated circuits ensuring good economics advantages.
Furthermore, the exponential growth of the I/O number, call for the development of I/O optimization algorithms, taming the computational complexity of the 2.5D and 3D-IC designs. Also, this technology demands for a heterogeneous co-design environment, integrated with traditional Package and IC Design Tools via standard formats, in order to design with a streamline flow. The potential of this project is to launch onto the European and extra European market an innovative solution for the next generation electronic products that can be tested and used by semiconductor companies, design houses, IoT and AI companies, RTD software companies.
Notwithstanding all the above, the big EDA companies, even if interested in this market, are not keen to invest In R&D activities and this allows Hippos4.0 project to attract their attention and potential investment.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Three industrial partners are sought:
Design House or Semiconductor Company;
AI & IoT company;
RTD software company.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests