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A Korean automobile component manufacturer is looking for compression in-molding technology which enables molding of metal-insert panel and composite material simultaneously to produce ultra light-weight automobile components

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TRKR20180710001
Publication Date: 10 July 2018


A major tier-1 automobile component manufacturer in Korea  has R&D center equipped with state-of-the-art testing machines and computers.To prepare for the changing automobile market, the company is aiming to develop light-weight and strong automobile components for electric vehicles. Thus, they are looking for partners in thermoplastic composite material, component molding or component manufacturing to develop compression in-molding technology under research cooperation and technical cooperation


The global automobile trend is safe, environment-friendly, and energy-efficient vehicle. In order to achieve this, lighter and stronger car body is needed. 
In case of car crash, sturdy and light weight car body acts as “safety cage” for the passengers. The driver and passenger can be protected as shock energy is dispersed. Furthermore, as the weight applied to shock absorber and break force decreases, overall driving performance of car, including acceleration and brake performance, is improved.
As car body weight reduction is done by 10%, driving efficiency is increased by 5%. In addition, strong car body structure effectively blocks out noise and vibration which leads to reduction in usage of heavy soundproof material. Thus, additional weight reduction can be done.
To meet this increasing demand and lead the fast changing automobile component market, a Korean automobile component manufacturer is aiming to produce commercialized ultra-light automobile component by cooperating with European companies under technical cooperation and research cooperation agreement.

This Korean company is a leading automobile component manufacturer. Their main products include automobile chassis and body parts that are mostly supplied to major car manufacturers both in Korea and abroad.
Currently developed composite material applied parts lack stiffness compared to steel products. Thus, other materials should be applied inside to strengthen it further. However, commonly applied production process for composite material parts, is divided into insert material molding process and composite material molding process which increases production cost.
In order to solve this, the company needs production technology that includes molding of insert material and thermoplastic composite material simultaneously.

The company is planning to use their own R&D fund or Korean Government’s R&D fund (if application is accepted). They are hoping to submit the proposal until January 30, 2019 after forming partnership with European companies from the automobile industry (vehicle manufacturer, vehicle component manufacturer, composite material manufacturer, or test evaluation institute). The company has experience of proceeding several joint R&D projects with German companies and universities.
Preferred partner is a company, and its size is not a considerable factor. The partner’s role in the R&D project is development of a mold and process technology. Expected R&D period is maximum of 2 years. (Total funding scale is around 400,000 Euro.)

Expertise sought

The company needs professional production technology in composite material molding and insert molding.
▶ Product Structure: Hybrid Structure(Composite + Steel)
▶ Molding Process: Compression Molding
CASE#1 - Molding with formed Steel
CASE#2 - Forming metal-insert panel and molding of composite material simultaneously
▶ Composite Material
Resin Material : Thermoplastic (PP, PA)
Fiber Material : GF, CF
▶ Insert Material : Steel Bulk, Steel Plate

Stage Of Development

Concept stage

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought : Company and research institute (but company is preferred)
- Specific area of activity of the partner : molding of composite material and parts
- Task to be performed : Development of mold and production process

Cooperation offer is closed for requests