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A Ukrainian company is seeking European partners to work together for improvement method of molds for composite materials.

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TRUA20191116001
Publication Date: 16 November 2019


A Ukrainian company is actively working on new designs in the field of machine-building.
Currently their main focus is on the light resin transfer method (LRTM) and its implementation into own production. They are looking for potential European partners with experience in using theoretical calculations and modeling programs to conduct joint technical development via a technical cooperation agreement.


The Ukrainian company work in the machine-building field using in their production the light resin transfer method (RTM) technology.
The principle of LRTM technology is based on the injection of a binder (epoxy resins) into a closed mold. The essence of the method is that dry, preliminary cut material (carbon fibres) is placed between two matrices. The resin is injected under pressure. The fibres are placed dry. Sometimes they are preformed to follow the shape of the tool and held together by means of binder. Such “preforms” are easy to place into the tool. After that, the second part of the tool is closed, and the resin is fed into the cavity. Vacuum can also be applied to assist resin in being drawn into the fabrics. Both injection and curing can take place at ambient or elevated temperature.
For technical and theoretical modulation of the above mentioned process is usually used Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) software. The company wants to use the RTM software solution in its production to minimize the risk of defective parts being released, to help the production process and the manufacture of the main tool.
The Ukrainian company is looking for European partners experienced in using RTM technology. Potential cooperation could be worked out under a technical cooperation agreement.

Expertise sought

The main goal of the company is to accelerate the time it takes for the product to enter the market while reducing the costs associated with preparing the injection / infusion process and tools.

To do this, the requested software must be able to determine the best combination of resins and fibers, and also have a number of features:
The application should provide quick solutions for preliminary design, as well as advanced analysis to optimize the manufacturing process and molding, as well as for final design verification.
- have the ability to simulate non-isothermal filling and curing, as well as solid-state modeling, necessary to analyze the resin flow over the thickness of the material.
- provide a calculation of the manufacturing time regardless of the size and complexity of the model.
The company is seeking partners who are already used Resin Transfer Molding software in its production and is able to independently conduct product research if necessary.

Requested partner

The Ukrainian company is looking for European partners with RTM software solution. 

The expected cooperation method could be worked out via a technical cooperation agreement.

The Ukrainian company hopes to launch the new LRTM product to the Ukrainian market through joint technical development with potential European partners.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests