Due to the current high-price situation for energy, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Europe are under great pressure to reduce their energy consumption, to be-come more energy efficient and/ or to make use of carbon neutral renewable energies by replacing climate damaging fossil fuels.

catalogue renewable energy

The offered technical and service solutions are already available in the market and can be taken over directly by SMEs, energy intensive industries, cities and municipalities in order to save energy, make use of renewable energy sources and lower their carbon footprint.

You can find the energy solutions in the following categories:

Power Generation

      • Renewable Electricity Generation
      • Renewable Heat generation


      • Electricity Storage
      • Thermal Energy Storage

Mobility / Electric Vehicles

      • Solution related to Clean Mobility
      • Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Energy Efficiency for Buildings & Industrial Buildings

      • Improving energy efficiency in buildings e.g. monitoring, behaviour or intelligence
      • Improving energy efficiency in industrial buildings

Energy Efficiency for Cities & Communities

      • Improving energy efficiency in cities & communities e.g. with smart systems in public spaces

Energy Efficiency for Electricity Production for Industrial Processes

      • Improving energy efficiency in production of renewable energy
      • Improving energy efficiency in industrial processes to reduce energy use.


Please download the Energy Solutions Catalogue here: (Catalogue PDF)

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